Co Listing Agreement Form

Yes, both! Rest assured, there is absolutely nothing in state law or in our code of ethics that prevents any agency from entering into such an agreement on co-listing. It`s just an alternative business deal. Also remember that open listings are also valid under state law, the ethical and acceptable business method of working as a trustee of a real estate seller in Massachusetts. And as you know, each business model has its pros and cons, some are displayed in MLS, others are not. If two brokers are involved, isn`t that an ipo open? Maybe, but maybe not. Many states have defined more inclusive quotes in their real estate laws, but not Massachusetts. The National Association of REALTORS®, author of our MLS rules and regulations, has established guidelines for the acceptance or refusal of co-exclusive lists in MLS, based solely on the definition of state law. What a cucumber! For example, A multiple list service cannot regulate the type of offers that its members can accept. We can only adjust what is displayed in our database. It is unrealistic, problematic and makes MLS very responsible for determining alternative listing agreements in this way. The rules currently provide that MLS must accept the exclusive right to sell list contracts and exclusive agency list contracts and may accept other forms of agreement. In addition, the mls committee has carefully reviewed our current regulations, and the service rules always refer to the “broker listing.” It is clear that only a broker can enter a list into the Multiple Listing Service database.

The MLS Board of Directors has accepted the following request to accept exclusive underwriting rights from a broker, as required by the service`s current rules and regulations. There was a consensus that the service`s three co-exclusive offers can now remain unredealed for the duration of the original contract. Any listing broker can continue to use the co-exclusive list concept and extend these individual offers with sellers, but all references to the MLS deposit must be removed as the ad expires when the agreement expires.

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