Initial Consultation Fee Agreement

6. After the first consultation, if I want to keep the law firm Yuan APC, do we have to sign a contract? A first consultation is a fact-finding mission. The goal is for us (a) to learn about you and your particular legal needs; (b) answer your questions as best you can; (c) identify their options and, where possible, analyze the costs and benefits of these solutions; (d) discuss our fees and terms of representation if a solicitor-client relationship is to be established after the meeting; (e) to determine whether this would be a good cooperation for us; and (f) discuss, if necessary, the next steps in the process. 5. In the first consultation, is a solicitor-client relationship established? 2. Do I have to sign a contract before the first consultation? ii. Divorce decree resulting from a previous marriage, pre-marital agreement or post-marriage agreement. Sometimes the terms of these agreements can affect your estate planning strategies. Yes, yes.

After the first consultation, if you agree to keep us and we agree to provide services, we will prepare a more detailed legal fee agreement. This pricing agreement contains the terms of our representation of you, including our fees and the specific services we must provide. 4. In the first consultation, do you provide legal advice? Only for U.S. real estate planners – The first 30 minutes of initial consultation are available free of charge. If the first consultation lasts more than 30 minutes, the overtime will be calculated at our standard hourly rate. The payment of these fees must be made at the end of the first consultation meeting. However, if you require us to provide legal services and we agree to provide these legal services on a flat-rate basis (applicable to most property planning contracts), all additional costs associated with the first consultation will be credited to your account.

It is not possible to fully assess an issue within the time frame for the first consultation or with the information or documents you provide at the first consultation.

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