Trade Finance Credit Agreement

Commercial credit is an important source of liquidity for global financial institutions to finance their clients` import and export activities. In the past, terminology, credit structures and support documentation have varied between banks and regions. The standardization and consistency of trade credit documentation helps to improve sectoral dialogue between borrowers, lenders, investors and regulators. The BAFT Trade Finance Documentation Working Group developed the BAFT MTLA, a lending agreement to English and New York bank-masters, with the help of external consultants, to provide clear, concise and consistent language for industry use. Promoting the adoption of a standardized master`s document improves protection and facilitates the process and efficiency of borrowing and lending around the world. BAFT supports its membership by regularly publishing and updating a list of countries in which masterbank commercial loans to the bank have been signed to promote industry transparency between borrowers and lenders worldwide. Trade finance can help reduce the risk of global trade by balancing the different needs of an exporter and importer. Ideally, an exporter would prefer that the importer pay in advance for an export shipment in order to avoid the risk that the importer would accept the shipment while refusing to pay for the goods. However, if the importer pays the exporter in advance, the exporter may accept the payment but refuse to ship the goods.

Here are some of the financial instruments used in financing the negotiation: A common solution to this problem is that the importer`s bank provides a lender to the exporter`s bank, which provides payment as soon as the exporter submits documents proving that the delivery took place, such as a bill of lading. The accreditor ensures that, as soon as it receives proof that the exporter has shipped the goods and that the terms of the agreement are met, the bank issuing the payment to the exporter. Trade finance helps businesses obtain financing to facilitate the activity, but it is also an extension of credit in many cases. Trade Finance allows companies to obtain a cash payment on the basis of cash in case of factoring. A credit portfolio can help the importer and exporter participate in a trade transaction and reduce the risk of non-payment or non-receipt of goods.

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