Vacasa Rental Agreement

However, a local family said they wanted to know the cancellation conditions of the apartment they had booked for Memorial Day weekend. These conditions (as well as all other conditions referred to and any other additional conditions or conditions applicable to certain transactions) constitute the full agreement between you and Vacasa regarding your use and access to the Site, and replace all prior or electronic agreements or communications, written or written between you and Vacasa regarding the site. Information received in relation to rental management services. If we agree to provide you with rental management or marketing services, a third party may send us information such as a utility company, a public body, a current or former or a resort or commune association, information such as your name, contact information, real estate address, lease history, numbers and history of the use account. , the sales license number or hosting tax and the transfer history. local rental authorization numbers. Unit-specific conditions. Some jurisdictions, stations and houses require tenants to accept additional general conditions (“unit-specific conditions”). During the booking process, we inform you of all the specific conditions for the rental of the property.

If a provision of unit-specific conditions differs from the conditions set out in this agreement, the determination of the specific conditions for each unit will be monitored. Information about bank accounts, taxes and identities. To make payments, we collect information such as your bank account information, your tax identification number or other information. We may also collect identity documents, such as an identity card, passport or other government-issued identity information. B to verify your identity or comply with applicable laws. We may also collect other types of information from you if necessary to collect or transfer collection or sales taxes on your behalf, request or renew a government license or authorization for rental management services available to you, or to pay supply bills or other invoices on your behalf. Some resorts, community associations, government agencies or other third parties may ask us to provide guest information regarding a specific booking for a property under their control or jurisdiction. We pass information on to these third parties as long as the law requires it or if they request it as a precondition for the rental. This information may contain your full name and age, the names and ages of other customers, your phone number, your address, your official ID card (for example, a permit.

B to drive or passport number), as well as information about vehicles, such as manufacturers, models and license plates. In some jurisdictions, we are required to provide the property owner with the full names, contact information and transactional information of clients in connection with a stay for rent. If you are looking for our full rental agreement, including our cancellation terms, you can see it here. Until Monday, the holiday apartments could not reopen. If you live in Europe, the person responsible for the processing is Vacasa Europe AG, with the exception of (i) when booking a stay in a property outside Europe or (ii) as part of the provision of rental management or marketing services for you of a property outside Europe, in which case the person responsible for the processing is Vacasa LLC.

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