Vmware Eula Agreement

2.3 You can only distribute the software to students, teachers and staff for the use described in Section 2.2. You must inform these students, teachers and/or staff that the use of the software is strictly subject to the conditions of this CLA (regardless of licensing agreements that may occur during an installation procedure) and must be used exclusively in accordance with the use provided for in section 2.2 of this document. Any faculty, collaborator or student who renounces its links with your university or research institution does not have the right to use the software without first obtaining a retail license or other commercial license valid for such software. 1. Definitions. “Open Source Software,” the individual software components provided by the software for which source code is widely available and which are licensed under the terms of a number of published open source software licensing agreements or copyright indices that accompany these components. “Software” refers to the generally available versions of certain VMware products available to you as part of the academic and research program subscription for the duration of a license valid for academic and research program subscription, all product documentation, application examples, manuals, user manuals, tools and utilities, as well as any other technical information. “Software License Key” means that some software activation files and serial numbers that have been issued to you by VMware are required to activate and use the software. “virtual machine,” an instance of a guest operating system and all application programs installed on it, run on a computer device on which specific software is installed, or on the hard drive or other storage medium to which the computer can access. This ECJ is a legal agreement between you (one person) and VMware, Inc. (“VMware”), and you hereafter declare that you are related to the academic or research institution that qualifies your use in the academic and research program. The terms of this CLA govern your use of the software as part of the academic and research program, regardless of the conditions that may arise in the context of your installation or use of the software.

8. Miscellaneous. Neither this agreement nor the licenses granted to it are ceded or ceded by the taker (and any attempt to do so is invalid). The entity may cede this agreement and/or any of its rights and obligations under this agreement without authorization. These provisions apply only to the parties and not to another person or entity. Any notification, notification, authorization, approval, consent or consent, required or authorized, is given in writing; Communications are sent to the address that the party concerned has or may provide in writing or, in the absence of such an address, the last address to locate the party`s denunciation with reasonable effort. No failure or delay in the exercise of a right under this framework will be waived, nor will the partial exercise of a right or power in that framework exclude any further exercise.

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