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8.5 License restrictions. Neither you nor the end-user may use service offers for any way or for any purpose other than those expressly authorized by this Agreement. Neither you nor an end user can (a) try to change, modify, repair or otherwise create software-derived works contained in service offerings (except to the extent that you include software is provided under a separate license expressly authorizing the creation of derivative works), (b) redevelop, disassemble or decompile service offerings or use other processes to obtain the source code of software that explicitly allows software creation) , (b) or (c) access service offers or use service offers in a way that avoids fees or overspending of usage limits or quotas. All licences granted to you in this Agreement will be subject to continued compliance with this Agreement and will be terminated immediately and automatically if you do not comply with a condition or condition of this Agreement. During and after the validity period, you will not encourage, support or encourage or encourage any claim of patent infringement or intellectual property infringement with respect to the service offerings you use against us or our associated companies, customers, suppliers, business partners or licensees. You can only use the marks in accordance with the trademark usage guidelines. 4.3 End-user injuries. It is presumed that you have taken all the steps you authorize, support or facilitate a person or organization in connection with this Contract, your Content or the use of Service Offers. You are responsible for the use of your content and the services offered by end-users. You ensure that all end-users meet their obligations under this Agreement and ensure that the terms of your contract with each end-user are in compliance with this Agreement. If you are aware of an end-user violation of your obligations under this Agreement, you will immediately cease that end-user`s access to your content and service offerings. 13.12 Full agreement; English language.

This agreement contains the guidelines and is the whole agreement between you and us with regard to the purpose of this agreement. This Agreement replaces all prior or simultaneous submissions, agreements or communications between you and us, in writing or orally, regarding the purpose of this Agreement. Notwithstanding other agreements between you and us, the data security and protection provisions in Section 3 of this Agreement include the full commitment of our related companies and companies to the security, confidentiality and confidentiality of your content. We are not bound by a clause, condition or other provision and, in particular, we are not opposed to a different provision of or in addition to the provisions of this Agreement (whether or not it would substantially alter this Agreement) and which will be presented by you in any order, acceptance, confirmation, correspondence or any other document. If the terms of this document do not comply with the terms of a directive, the terms contained in that document are checked, except that the terms of service are under the control of that document. If we provide a translation of the English version of this agreement, the English version of the agreement will be monitored in the event of a conflict. (iii) we offer you the same support after the end of the data call that we usually make available to all customers. Did you use any of those excuses? None of them is a good reason not to use a contract.

If you are a retailer, your contract may be on the back of the customer document, and if you are an independent or other service employee, it may be more formalized – a legal document.

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