Des Grant Agreement

The amount of resources participants attract to their provider depends on the service they are in (Disability Management Service or Employment Support Service) and the barriers they face to the job. A participant`s funding is likely to be changed during their stay in the program. Grant Agreement for Behindertenarbeitsdienste – gultig am 1. July 2018 Please note that suppliers do not necessarily invest all of their costs in the service. Like all businesses, DES suppliers have overheads that they must meet to stay operational and continue to deliver the program. The Department of Social Services does not impose how providers are required to pay their fees. The full royalty plan is included in the DES grant contract. Contact a jobAccess advisor on 1800 464 800 or complete our application form. Suppliers receive payments to help participants find and maintain employment. Payments are structured so that suppliers earn more money if they put more people into sustainable employment. There are three primary payments in DES: If subscribers change providers at any time, their service charges are deferred with them. If the participant, z.B. lets another provider expire 10 weeks later, the department will recover the funding for the remaining three weeks from the abandoning provider.

This encourages providers to meet the service needs of their subscribers and encourages the participant to stay with them for the duration of the program. This means that you should discuss with your DES provider the means available for formal training, licensing or job interviews. The availability of these investments may depend on the job opportunities available to you, the financial circumstances of your supplier and the funds that will be offered by your government. If not, call JobAccess management on 1800 464 800 and one of the JobAccess advisors can ask for help in your state.

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