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Bulgaria Bulgarian tax agreements and international agreements Estonia has effective social security agreements with Canada and Ukraine. Workers from countries other than the EEA/Switzerland or countries with which Estonia has totalisation agreements are generally fully subject to the payment of social security in Estonia. All of the information contained in this publication is aggregated by KPMG Baltics O, the Estonian member company affiliated with KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity, on the basis of Estonian Income Tax Act, The Social Taxation Act, the websites of the Estonian Customs and Customs Office, the Police and Border Protection Office and the Ministry of Finance. We want to help as many electronic residents as possible use our Estonian tax services, but your tax obligations are based on international tax rules, so I will give you an overview of how it works. Part of this contribution is financial and part of that financial contribution is paid directly by tax. Indeed, it is interesting to note that online residents have already repaid more to Estonia through income tax alone than the amount invested by Estonian taxpayers in the electronic residence program. Estonia has signed social security agreements with Ukraine, Canada and Australia governing the application of social security systems, including tax issues. A person`s liability for Estonian tax depends on residency status. In Estonia, a flat rate of 20% is applied on personal income, including wages, wages and other allowances paid to workers and members of the governing or supervisory bodies. For some, it is easy to determine your tax residence if you and your business reside in a country and work clearly and generate your value in that country. The general rules on transfer pricing will come into force in Estonia from 1 January 2000. The amended provisions and documentation requirements come into effect on January 1, 2007. The documentation methods and requirements are defined by the Minister of Finance`s decree, referring to OECD guidelines.

SloveniaListe of Slovenian Tax Conventions (EN) General Information on Tax Treaties (SL) The e-Residency website also contains a lot of useful information and contacts, as well as the lists of service providers I mentioned. This is the first place to start if you want to become an electronic resident, so go to join our digital nation. Your personal tax will be paid on your income when your company pays your salary and is subject to the rules in the country of your personal tax residence. Your accountant should be able to make sure this is a smooth process, so take a look at the list of business service providers on the e-Residency site to find specialized accounting services in electronic residents. The advantage of e-residence is that it offers entrepreneurs a greater choice of online services. The success of the program depends on its ability to deliver public electronic services and the highest quality online business environments. Part of the complexity of the General Council of International Companies is due to the fact that taxation is based on international rules and cannot be decided unilaterally by any country in which you wish to pay your taxes, whether it is the country in which your business is registered or the country in which you currently live.

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