Park La Brea Lease Agreement

I moved to Park La Brea in December 2014 on my birthday. I arrived late at the leasing office because of an accident on the highway, and after much discussion, the leasing office decided to keep the doors open so I could spend my birthday in my first college apartment. I can`t thank them enough. My girlfriend and I are in a garden apartment with an ideal location just steps from The Grove. We are located in a plain top floor with side views of the Hollywood hills, a retro kitchen directly from the 60s and a nice air conditioning for the living room. I love the apartment. It`s always bright, it`s never too noisy (unless the school across the street has an event, maintenance is usually very quick to solve a problem, and the location beyond is perfect with parking spaces as close as my front door. That being said, the negatives are that the rent is a bit expensive for some to have to pay for the pool and gym at the price they want, is ridiculous, and there are a lot of bugs. My apartment has spiders, but I heard that the towers were very vulnerable to cockroaches. I don`t regret my decision to live in La Brea Park. I think it can`t be beaten for the location and how beautiful the apartment is.

First of all, the staff here was excellent in my experience. Whenever I had to call a repair request, I took it over quickly. In addition, you can set everything up on the Park LaBrea website, so moving in was a breeze. Let`s get to the wrong games. It is a complex of about 4400 units. That means it`s going to be loud sometimes. You`re going to live in a cluster of 12-story buildings, so you`re going to hear garbage trucks every morning. My apartment is a little noisier than the others because I am near the entrance to the building. I don`t have any noise problems with a tenant yet, because the walls and floors are very thick, but again and again, a guest will sit in the parking lot and let you enjoy their musical taste at a large volume. Crime: I haven`t had any incidents in the car parks/fields, but I don`t own a car. The only problem I encountered was people who arrive in emails that are left by your mailbox. The property is huge, and there are things like a swimming pool, juice bars and even a hair salon.

It is right next to Grove, LACMA, tar pits, so there are lots to do and see. I am a current resident and I have been here for two years. Outside, this most toured community remains fashionable with high-end amenities that lend its urban chic vibe. Relax by the saltwater pool or take an Instagram-like shot with the 4 hectare park filled with Jacaranda in Curson Square. You can also use different social spaces, from wi-fi garden cafes to a multimedia theater. I was nervous renting such a large complex, but after considering more than 20 complexes in the 10 blocks of Park La Brea, I found it was very cheap for the area, I live in a tower apartment: Pros: Square Photos: On average, these apartments are about 100-300 square meters larger than others nearby for the same price apartments to upgrade: They made some apartments again, I was happy to get one with air conditioning and a washing machine/dryer in the cabinet unit Cupboards: Lots of storage space /built-in storage Total layout: There is no box, there is a lot of light and great downsides: Elevators: Only one elevator worked when I moved in and the corridors are hot – long parking time : Covered parking is a bit of a bathroom trek: Small and not a counter room.

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