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PSS maintains strategic partnerships with companies across the industry to support customers across the federal government. Through these partnerships, we have access to the following vehicles: Use these resources to learn more about getting a GSA contract, marketing your services, maintaining and modifying your contract, and much more. Do you need help acquiring professional services? Use these references to begin with. The PSSCOC was designed to allow the use of a common contract form for all public sector construction projects. The use of standardized contractual terms will allow users to be more familiar, reduce tendering efforts and promote greater efficiency in order management. In order to encourage closer cooperation and trust between stakeholders in the construction environment sector, we have developed a series of cooperation clauses with industry associations and government authorities. The provisions on cooperation contracts are currently being tested in projects selected by the public sector. Further details will be available when they are ready. In fiscal year 2019, approximately 4,100 companies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations held a GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) contract, which is now the GSA Professional Services class. GSA`s flexible and innovative contracts offer a range of professional, scientific and technical services from thousands of highly qualified industrial partners.

Our team can also support comprehensive acquisition services to help federal authorities find the right solution for their complex professional services. Use these tools for everything from market research to submitting your quote/RFP request. Standard Terms for Nominated Sub-Contracts (NSC) There are many ways to contact our team, from personal contact to social media. The GSA Professional Services Large Category allows a wide range of services categorized into subcategory listed below. Some concrete examples are business process improvement, management consulting, online training, training software and simulators, identity protection services (IPS), credit scoring, financial planning, environmental rehabilitation and mapping.

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