Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime End User License Agreement

All software, including all its components, and documentation are considered “commercial objects,” as defined in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”) 2.101, which consists of “commercial software” and “commercial computer software documentation,” as these terms are used in FAR 12.212. In agreement with FAR 12.212 and DoD FAR Supp. 227.7202-1 to 227.7202-4, and notwithstanding all other FAR contractual clauses or other contrary clauses contained in an agreement in which this CILA may be included, the customer may purchase the software and documentation from the government`s end user or, if the ECJ is direct, the software and documentation, only with the rights provided in this EEA. The use of software or documentation, or both, constitutes a government agreement that all software and documentation is “commercial software” and “commercial documentation of computer software” and represents the acceptance of the rights and restrictions of this document. By using this device or a Samsung Mobile Device, you accept the use of your data in the manner described below and in accordance with Samsung`s privacy policy: available at As a condition of the license issued in Section 1.1, the customer cannot use: (i) use the software or part of it, unless that license is expressly authorized by that license. (ii) use the software or part of it on devices, products or systems that are not identified in the documentation; (iii) modify or modify the software or create derivative works based on or part of software; (iv) redevelop or decompile, decipher, decode, decode or otherwise reduce the software or part of this software in a readable form; (v) to use the software or part of it in a manner contrary to current legislation; (vi) to distribute, sell, license or otherwise make the software available to third parties; (vii) use the software or part of the software to provide services to third parties, unless expressly intended; (vii) to disclose, publish and/or make available to third parties the results of a performance, functionality or security assessment of the software or part of it without Samsung`s prior written permission; (viii) modify or remove all ownership or captions contained on or in the software or part of it; or ix) to use emergency, survival, survival equipment, nuclear power, air traffic control, critical communications facilities, public transport control or other particularly dangerous applications, which are reasonably expected to result in death, injury or serious property damage or other environmental damage. Any attempt to make any of the above problems is considered a substantial breach under this agreement. The software is owned by Samsung or its licensees and is protected by applicable copyright, patent, trademark and trade secrets laws. The customer also acknowledges and accepts that Samsung owns and retains all rights, titles and interests of the software between the customer and Samsung, including intellectual property rights related to it under applicable legislation.

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