Swis Data Sharing Agreement

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) has issued technical assistance (TA) in connection with the modifications and the collection and disclosure of data relating to the RSA-911 case service report. The TA consists of several trainings, including an introduction to data collection and presentation requirements, changes to the 2017 RSA 911 report manual and WiOA`s performance responsibility. All information, data and other content transmitted by the licensee to PBISApps, entered or downloaded under the licensee`s user accounts remain the exclusive property of the licensee. The licensee retains exclusive control over student and staff data, including the definition of access to data and how it can be used for authorized legitimate purposes. PBISApps and the licensee establish appropriate procedures for a parent, legal guardian or legitimate student to verify the personal data contained in the student`s files, the erroneous information and procedures for transferring content generated by students to a personal account. This MSG tool presents data reported by VR agencies for the years 2017 and 2018. The tool provides national and government MSG data for all VR programs, while being a resource for public vr agencies to analyze their MSG data, relative to national rates, similar states and/or agencies, and a range of other possibilities. Salary data available through SWIS includes the names of employers and workers, social security numbers, national and national identification numbers, wage information and NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes. This data, at the individual level, can be used by education and staff programs, including ETCs, to meet performance reporting requirements and for authorized evaluation and research purposes. The U.S. Departments of Labor and Education, designed for your verification and execution, the new State Wage Data Exchange Agreement (SWIS).

States that sign the agreement may exchange quarterly intergovernmental wage data with any other state that signs the agreement to meet the performance reporting requirements of Section 116 of the Innovation and Opportunity for Work Act (WIOA). States that do not sign the SWIS agreement must develop and implement separate intergovernmental wage allocation agreements with other states to meet the requirement that states use intergovernmental wage statements to measure a state`s performance on primary WiOA performance indicators. The SWIS agreement replaces the Wage Data Exchange Agreement (WRIS and WRIS2) previously implemented by most countries under the Workforce Investment Act. Data protection and security are one of the most important priorities for PBISApps and our applications, including swis suite (SWIS, SWIS , ISIS-SWIS), PBIS Assessment, PBIS Evaluation and PBISApps.org.

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