Vehicle Sale Or Return Agreement

A good piece of advice for any buyer, whether it`s a private sale or a car dealership, is to do some checks before the money is handed over – for example, checking the existing vehicle identification number correctly and using the DVLA website (or, if necessary, private companies) to check the vehicle`s history. If you participate as a private seller in the sale or refund, make sure you have an agreement signed with a car dealer, which defines its obligations and indicates who is responsible for things such as fees, advertising, registration of the sale and each return thereafter. Our transparent approach does not mean hidden fees, you will know exactly what you will recover and we will keep you informed of all offers. The ultimate decision to sell is always your choice. A commission-based sale could work for you, or maybe you want us to buy your car directly, this is something we can also offer Please note that if you are selling a vehicle through a sales or return policy, these points should be part of your agreement with the car dealership and you get rid of any claim. unless the source of misleading information about the vehicle or its history comes from you – in this case, you may be held responsible. What is sale or return? “Sale or refund” (SoR) is an agreement between you (the customer) and us (the seller) in which you instruct Beck Evans to sell your vehicle on your behalf. We call this service the S.O.R.S. (short for `Sale or Return Scheme`). At Kent Motor Cars, we understand that selling your car can be a problem. To avoid the stress of selling your car, we offer our customers a sales or return service throughout Kent. After all, we like to sell cars – that`s what we do! However, it is important to understand the different effects of concluding such an agreement, in particular all legal and contractual obligations, and it is important that both parties sign a formal agreement specifying the terms of their agreement, so that paperwork and traceability are available in the event of a dispute. Access to our facilities, including cosmetic repairs, painting, wheel refurbishment and details – we will put your car back on sale 80% of the used vehicles are now purchased through financing.

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